3 Wines You Need for Your Easter Spread

Easter is coming up, so check out these Traveling Vineyard wines to compliment the lovely day and yummy foods you’ll have.

Time for a new rack!

So we were lucky enough to be gifted an awesome, huge wine fridge from my sister (thanks sis) a few years ago. Well, more like a lot of years ago. Let’s say give or take 6 years? Anyway, we’ve had it a while no doubt, and haven’t ever really gotten the full use out ofContinue reading “Time for a new rack!”

What It Means To Be A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

I’ve had a few people reach out to me with questions about what Traveling Vineyard is and what it means to be a Wine Guide. Here are a few quick, key facts that will help clear any confusion and answer some burning questions that may have been lingering in your wine-loving brain. What is TravelingContinue reading “What It Means To Be A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide”