Order Wine

Hey! There are a few ways you can experience the awesome wines you’ve seen me talk about…

Traveling Vineyard

Explore award-winning wines and discover how to pair food and wine using the Sommology tool (in the menu). Discover really good wine at affordable prices that you can only find at Traveling Vineyard.

There is always free shipping on 6+ bottles!

Almost all the bottles on my rack are from Traveling Vineyard. And every bottle comes with its very own QR code that displays info about the wine when scanned. It also shows wine pairing information so you can perfectly pair your food and wine, every time.



From their winery in Napa, straight to your door. They’re a female founded wine disrupter, curating an exceptional fine wine experience for you every month. Reimagine fine wine at home with these really chic boxes of wine! Leave it on your counter for a gorgeous display and ease of use after work 😉

Another great thing? –

They plant a tree for every box they make!
Now that’s sipping for a cause. Major kudos for the Austin-based company.

Use code “Winosaur20” for free membership (that means free shipping for a year!)

Wine Tasting with AshleytheWinosaur

Best of all, you can book a free wine tasting with me. You also earn goodies like discounted and free bottles as your guests order! I teach wine pairings, the steps of tasting wine, some fun tips and tricks, all through a COVID-safe video chat!

I email a tasting sheet out to all of your guests, and tell you what snacks to bring to our little virtual party. Fun has not been cancelled, yall!

Use my scheduler to book a tasting, today. Please choose a date at least 3 weeks from today’s current date to allow you time to invite friends and your wine to ship!