I Started a Podcast

I know, I know… you might think it’s a bit much since I already have a blog. But the podcast is more of the content that I can’t necessarily “write”. I’ll do some cool interviews with wine friends, some wine and music pairings, and probably some random vent sessions on whatever the hell is happeningContinue reading “I Started a Podcast”

3 Wines You Need for Your Easter Spread

Easter is coming up, so check out these Traveling Vineyard wines to compliment the lovely day and yummy foods you’ll have.

3 Easy and Cheap Toy Storage Solutions

Before you start throwing away all of your kids’ toys because there is just not enough room in the house for your wine supply and their play things, crack open a bottle and check out these storage tips! Get Some Big Ass BasketsPick a style that fits the mood for whatever room you’ll add themContinue reading “3 Easy and Cheap Toy Storage Solutions”

Time for a new rack!

So we were lucky enough to be gifted an awesome, huge wine fridge from my sister (thanks sis) a few years ago. Well, more like a lot of years ago. Let’s say give or take 6 years? Anyway, we’ve had it a while no doubt, and haven’t ever really gotten the full use out ofContinue reading “Time for a new rack!”

Let’s Talk About Anxiety. & Wine.

About 7 or 8 months after I had my daughter, I had my first panic attack. I had anxiety attacks before, but nothing was like what I felt that day. I thought I was actually going to die. At one point, I asked God, “really, this is how you’re going to take me?” There areContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Anxiety. & Wine.”