Being Healthy But Also Drinking Alcohol.

It’s no secret, I’m bigger now that I’ve had our beautiful son, Elijah. Instead of whining about it (like I have been), I’ve decided to nut up and do something about it. I kept saying I was going to start working out but hadn’t actually done anything yet.

I finally started using my Every Mother subscription and recently started doing rides on Peloton. I’ve learned that their “low impact rides” are still intense and have me sweating.

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Beyond that, I’m being more conscious of the things I eat and drink. I’m not a terrible eater but have a habit of just eating whatever when I don’t feel like cooking. To negate that, I’ve meal prepped to help stay on track.

Then there’s the issue of still being able to drink while, I guess, “dieting”. I hate that word. I wouldn’t call it a diet, more of a “make better choices with what you put in your body”.

That’s where wine comes in.

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It’s way less fattening than beer, and hey, I’m getting in a serving of fruits!
This here is some Fissata Blonde with frozen strawberries. The strawberries soak up the alcohol nicely for some sweet, fruity fun after the moscato is gone.

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I’m just out here living my best life, drinking wine, losing weight, being cute. Don’t judge me if I drank the whole thing ❤

By Ashley

I'm a happily married mama out here living my best life. Drinking the best wines, having the greatest time.

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